Brian Iroff

Brian Iroff

What is your favorite style of ring? Traditional solitaire. It is simple, clean and elegant. My second choice is a three stone ring because of what it symbolizes.

What’s your favorite proposal or anniversary story? I sold a ring to a young man that proposed by a scavenger hunt.

What advice do you have for a couple getting engaged? Remember that you are the stars of your own show. Don’t sweat the small stuff, let things go and simply enjoy each other.

What is your favorite stone and why? Diamonds! A Diamond is the only natural gemstone that will reflect all the colors of the rainbow.

Why are you in the jewelry business? I started working in the family business when I was a teenager, fell in love with the industry and never left.

Why do you work for Iroff & Son? It’s in my blood. I am the son of a second-generation jeweler, which makes me the third generation.

Are there any personal notes or accomplishments that you would like to share? I completed my GIA Gemologist degree in 1991 and followed that up with a GIA stone setting course in the mid 1990’s. Outside of work, I am a proud husband and a father of three beautiful children.