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With roots back to the 1940’s Iroff & Son Jewelers experience in the diamond and jewelry business spans three generations and over 70 years.

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Iroff & Son Jewelers: A Brief History

The vision started with Bernard Abramson, a former U.S. Navy officer who found his way into the jewelry sales, introducing unique tactics to make his clients jewelry dreams come true. Encouraged and supported by Bernard, John Iroff also found his way into the industry, adopting his own vision for delivering premium jewelry to his customers.

Years later, John and his son, Brian, are carrying on the vision at Iroff & Son Jewelers. The family business now occupies their own space, offering an expanded inventory of diamonds and jewelry coupled with premium customer service in the Atlanta area. For the past 3 years, Iroff & Son Jewelers has been voted the Best Jewelry Store in North Fulton. We appreciate all of the support and business over the years and look forward to serving you for generations to come. We know that Bernard would be proud.

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Our Timeline: Spanning Three Generations

1940’s: Emergence of a Businessman
  • After leaving the U.S. Navy, Bernard Abramson learned the ins and outs of customer service by a joining the family business, a 5 and 10-cent Variety Store.
1950’s: Proud Owners, Proud Jewelers
  • In the early 1950’s Bernard decided to go out on his own with his passion for jewelry and became the proud new owner of Dobbs Jewelers in Columbus, Georgia.
  • Being that Columbus was a military town; Bernard came up with different techniques to help make his clients jewelry dreams come true. He offered payment plans for soldiers and gave away household items with engagement sets.
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1960’s: Second Generation of Jewelers
  • In 1967, Bernard’s daughter Ilene married John Iroff.
  • The young couple moved back to Georgia to be closer to family and Bernard offered John the opportunity to work at Dobbs Jewelers while he finished up his college education.
1970’s: Diamond Dreams
  • In 1971 John was offered a unique opportunity by Reliable Stores Incorporated to manage a new jewelry store opening outside of Atlanta, Georgia at the Perimeter Mall.
  • While John enjoyed his career, he and Ilene still dreamed of opening their own jewelry store.
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1980’s: Jewels by Iroff is Born
  • In 1980, their dream came true. John was presented with the opportunity to open his own store.
  • In September 1982, Jewels by Iroff opened.
  • In 1989, John suffered a heart attack. Unable to work John appointed Brian to be trained as the Master Jeweler at only 19 years-old.
1990’s: Master Jeweler is now a Graduate Gemologist
  • In 1991, Brian went to California to become a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America.
2000’s: New Beginnings
  • The Iroff family found property in Alpharetta, Georgia where they would build a new store, Iroff & Son Jewelers.
  • In 2007, Iroff & Son Jewelers opened. In the new space the family has been able to cater to its loyal clientele with an expanded product line and new technology.
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Hard Work Pays Off: Where We Are Today

Today, the store is co-managed by both John and Brian. Their dedication to the business, coupled with the support of the community has allowed them to take Bernard’s vision into the future. Today, Iroff & Son now offers premium customer service in a family environment to all clients, whether they are looking for the perfect diamond, or a unique gem.

It’s been a long road, but the hard work has certainly paid off. For the past three years, Iroff & Son Jewelers has been voted the Best Jewelry Store in North Fulton. While John is close to retirement, Brian is committed to expanding the business through innovative ideas and the adoption of new technology. At Iroff & Son we live diamonds and jewelry and look forward to evolving our business for years to come.

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